Magic Numpad the serial number you entered is incorrect

Hi there!

My last post was long time ago. Today I'm explaining what to do if you have lost your serial number of Mobee's Magic Numpad Software on Mac OS X. It requires activation key that comes with your magic numpad 20 or later.. But if you lost the package and the card with serial number, what to do next ? The Mobee's website and it's support is under maintenance or it's temporary down. Without this key you are unable to use their product..

The only solution is to crack down this software, it can be done easily with software on Mac such as HexFiend and Hopper Disassembler. There is some stuff that needs to be modified in the correct way, to solve our problem:

Just change 0F 84 F9 00 00 00 to 0F 85 F9 00 00 00, it changes assembler instruction from JZ (jump if zero) to JNZ  (jump if not Zero).

You can also download the pre-patched binary from here and place it to Magic Numad > Contents > MacOS (do replace), now start the application, write any serial number (must be formatted long format) and everything should work. ;-)

This howto is written for Mobee Magic Numpad v2.2 software. It was written for educational purposes only. The Mobee itself can MAKE more support to users, so we can work as usual without such solutions!


Change Mac OS X Dock appearance to classic or other

Hi, there is a nice app that can customize your Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10 or 10.11 versions of Mac OS X dock, for example make dock look as old days, like in Mac OS X 10.6 3D dock was. :-)

Download here


Mac OS X on Dell inspiron 3542


Today i will post the new page about installing Mac OS X on Dell Inspiron 3542 laptop and then fixing the issues, making it to work stable and without problems. First of all lets look into this laptop hardware specs:


Why Windows 10 SUCKS ?

Hello, after Microsoft scheduled the release of Windows in 2015 July 29 they though they will finish it by this day. But it seems that this was the same dream as with Windows Longhorn before it was reverted to the Windows 2003 code-base and released as Windows Vista.

The same way as Windows Vista, Windows 10 is going same way - lack of full working features, lags, irresponsibility, missing features or not working at all features and many other bad things are on the latest and finally RTM Windows 10 Builds. As you will see on my short Windows video review that describes everything, nothing much i cannot comment by now. :-)

Every reboot of the system, making it to start slower and slower, On this machine it took about 5 minutes to load to the Desktop and it's icons. Some of applications not work at all or one time working another no, for example including, these apps (Calendar, Mail, Movies & TV, Photos, Store, Weather etc...). One day Windows update just stopped working and showed a message "Downloading updates 0%" forever. Yeah, what Microsoft will say if they watched this video, - "THIS IS A HARDWARE  FAULT". indeed...

Tested machine sysinfo:
Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series
CPU: Intel Core i3-4030U  1.9GHz
RAM: 4GB 1666MHz
Tested with Windows 10 build 10166


Apache: Rename apache signature name

Hi folks! There is a small tip for a security paranoid people who want to hide or sabotage version information about their running services. On this post i will teach you how to make Apache httpd web server look like Microsoft ISS or other HTTPD Daemon. All you need is to enable mod_security on your apache.

# a2enmod mod-security

Then on the main Apache configuration or security file you need to add these lines:
ServerTokens OS
SecServerSignature Microsoft-IIS/8.5
This will change Apache httpd server "http get" header to "Server: Microsoft-IIS/8.5", and it will be reported as Microsoft ISS web server look at this page for confirmation. Of course you need to restart it to make changes.

Also if you are using PHP with the Apache httpd web server you can hide the php information by adding this line to php.ini:
expose_php = Off 
This will enhance security of your web server by sabotaging information. For attacker it will be harder to find what httpd daemon you are using.


BSDNet is back online

This is a public announcement about the return of the BSDNet IRC network. Last week we were busy with making the comeback of BSDNet. It has been offline for 2 years because of a few reasons I can't tell you right now. Maybe in the future I will. At the moment the network is stable and secure with updated IRCd and services software and with many new features: web chat, cloud chat, etc. If you are a newbie you may be wondering: what the hell is BSDNet ?! It is not only a simple IRC Network but we have a growing "BSDNet members" community. It unites security/software developers, hackers and other alike. Our community is like freenode's but it's only smaller. ;-)



BSDNet IRC Network was born as independent and nonprofit IRC Network. It was a good alternative to other Lithuanian IRC Networks such as “Aitvaras” or “VakarĊ³ tinklai” at the time. The network provided more softed rules compared to other networks. Together we started to find more congenials who are using UNIX based operating systems and Open Source Software. The network was growing up with more users and the BSDNet community was born. The best thing that describes BSDNet at that time was our support for users by providing them with information about systems administration, using and deployments. Our community always did very huge step by providing support and help to the users (including very professional ones). BSDNet is always secure and stable IRC Network, every server is linked securely using strong encryption SSL, clients are also protected by the same way if they are connecting to the network using SSL connection. Nor logs nor any other information about BSDNet, BSDNet services, web, users or other materials are being logged. We guarantee you that any information transmitted by or in BSDNet IRC network will never be published or logged.
BSDNet name came quite unexpectedly. Just then used the BSD operating system plus the NET (Network) extension. We got a great title name, and decided to leave it.
So you are welcome to our IRC community, just point your client to irc.bsdnet.lt (SSL Port 6668) The main channel is #BSDNet. Also you can use our web chat or cloud chat instead.

ALSO! We are always looking for a new support by supporting us with slave backup IRCd servers (links). So if you wanna link, just contact NetAdmin at admin@bsdnet.lt.

Have a nice IRCing! ;-)


Booting FreeBSD From Windows Boot Loader

Hi, on this howto i will write how to boot FreeBSD using Windows 7/8 boot loader.

First you save the MBR in case something goes wrong so you could restore it and at least boot the FreeBSD.
# dd if=/dev/ada0 of=/mnt/usb_disk/mbr.backup bs=512 count=1
Then you need first sector of your FreeBSD root partition. You will put this on Windows C partition so Windows boot loader can pass instructions to it.
# dd if=/dev/ada0s2a of=/mnt/usb_disk/bootsect.bsd bs=512 count=1
Depends on your system, the root partition can be on different partition, you can see it by typing and looking at root partition /
# df

Now boot your windows 7/8 install dvd and select recovery mode/repair mode then launch "command prompt" and write:

Now reboot to windows, copy "bootsect.bsd" to "C:\" drive, and again open "command prompt". Write these lines ({ID_NUMBER} is will be different on your system, as it's automatically generated by random chars):

Thats all and the result will be:

Have a nice day!